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outdoorsman and premier landscape photographer,
michael is relentless  in persuing  his  deep  and  personal vision of the natural world. whether it's in his own backyard or to the far reaches  of  the  planet, michael's ability to record the subtle beauty    of the land is unrivaled.

michael's limited edition Black and white prints are hand processed using only the finest archival materials available. All signed enlargements are meticulously printed from original 4x5", 6x17cm panoramic & 120 cm Film.

Michael's current fine art camera formats include 4x5" large format view camera & 6x17 panoramic view camera.

Come visit Michael's gallery located in Amazing Ouray, Colorado USA 


For weddings, portraits, architectural, studio, in-field or real estate, you can trust Michael Burrows to solve your photographic needs.





Technically trained in the darkroom by world renowned master printer John Sexton, Michael persued and perfected his passion for traditional Fine Art Black and white printing. For well over 10 years Michael strictly focussed on the Fine Art medium of Black and White Photography.

After operating his galleries in California for over 20 years, Michael was due for change, and after 10 years of scouring the US for his new gallery and life location, he arrived in Stunning Ouray, Colorado.

Since Settling in to the Rocky Mountaain life, Michael has returned to the medium of Color Photography.


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